Industrial Mi-T-M Power Washer

Mi-T-M pressure washers are powerful enough to take on any industrial cleaning job. Rent one today and enjoy quick results and reliable performance!

Before embarking on a new painting or refining project, it is essential to remove the dirt, moss, and loose paint from all the surfaces and objects of your house. Entrust this time-consuming, exhausting task to Mi-T-M’s professional-quality power washer. Power washers provide a myriad of applications. An Mi-T-M machine can be used on floors, fencing, siding, decks, heavy equipment, and more.

3000 PSI Pressure Washer powered by a reliable Honda GX200 engine is perfect for any heavy-duty job. This high-capacity machine is easy to operate and maintain. Working in tandem with the Benjamin Moore Exterior Wood Cleaner 317, Mi-T-M washer can significantly reduce project lead time and still deliver top-notch performance.


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